Noah's Blog of Totally Cool Things

Busy, busy, busyyy (but like, cool and fun busy)

I haven't written a blog post in a while, so here we are. I've been really really busy with school and all sorts of projects. If you are reading this, I'm sure you already know what I've been up to, but it's still honestly hard for me to keep track of everything I'm doing, so this is also kinda acting as a way for me to put all my stuff out on paper.

The project that has been taking up most of my time (aside from school and work) is my new band A Golden Edged Blade. We played our first show last Saturday, and it went pretty good! It seemed like people really digged us, which was such a HUGE pay-off from all the work me and the rest of the band put into the set. We released a few super lofi demos on our Bandcamp, so please check that out! We have a few stickers coming in soon, so we'll sell those, and we are going to start recording our album in-between shows. We were supposed to play this Thursday, but it's my aunt's birthday, and I'm not choosing some show over my aunt lmao. None the less, we should be playing more shows soon.

Another project I've been working on is just general art(?). This whole month I've been messing around with watercolor which has been super duper fun. I have a small pocket palette that I carry around with me, but I also have a bigger set which I haven't used yet, but seems really cool! Along with painting, I've also been working on a small hypertext fiction project. It's honestly pretty similar to The Void Above, but more on that later. It's mostly just an excuse for me to mess around with HTML and CSS and do some wild shit, so yeah. I've been wanting to work on more solo noise n' ambient stuff, but I just haven't had that much time.

The Void Above is still in the works, but development is for sure going to stay at this extremely slow level for a while. I love this game, but I haven't found enough time to put into it as I would have wanted. Hopefully we can still get a somewhat finished demo out by the end of the year.

Another smaller project I've been working on is a sorta-animation thing based on a zine I made, Skramz Kid, which is about a loser ass kid who spends his time on Reddit and shits on TikTok bands. I'm really excited to work on it! I have a few friends who are doing voices for the characters, and I'm overall really excited to see what will come from this.

That's all I've really been up too. I've been wanting to learn web-server stuff, and have been messing with funky social media things like CoHost and SpaceHey, both of which you can find me on as @ohnoitsnoah for both CoHost and SpaceHey. I'm pretty active on both, so for sure go follow and friend me over there. I'm gonna try to write more blog posts more regularly, so until next time.