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Haskell is cool

I woke up this morning and wanted to learn Haskell, so I did, or at least the basics of it. I really like just how straight forward it is, but I guess that's just the magic of purely functional programming. I've still been learning lisp on and off, but I've just been super busy with school to really sit down with it.

Noah's Blog of Totally Cool Things

A Golden Edged Blade is dead, and has been dead, but I'm kinda over it. We play our last show on Feb 10th. I wanted to work on the album, but honestly I don't really care enough to do so. But it doesn't matter, I've been trying to do some new projects like my game (WHICH HAS TURNED INTO AN RPG, MORE ON THAT LATER), some new music projects including a scenecore thing, and just focusing on school. I'm bummed because ageb was the first project I had lots of fun playing with, but hopefully some of my new projects will be more fun. I'm in a new emo/metalcore band with Cory from Victim Blamed and Sebastian called Nicole's Death. I'm really looking forward to doing that, along with my solo scenecore stuff.

School is off on monday, but that's not enough for me. I NEED at least tuesday off too. Today is cold as hell, but when it "precipitates" (san-antonian for 'snow') I know the roads are gonna be a pain to drive on, which will hopefully lead to school closure, but also I'm not gonna be super upset if we have to go to school, which will probably be the case.

I've been playing Link's Awakening on my Zelda Game & Watch non-stop and I'm three (3) instruments in.

Noah's Blog of Totally Cool Things

It's made me think about my game a lot. I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous post, but we decided to move the game from a visual novel to an RPG. I bought myself RPG Maker MZ, and so far it's really fun to use!! Very powerful, and I think with some extra hacking, it'll be perfect for The Void Above. I've also been trying to scope the game out a little better by making a design document. Hopefully we can get something presentable out by the end of the year (which we totally can do).

I bought a KIM-1 manual a while back and so it only made sense to get an actual KIM-1 to put the book to use. I ended up buying a KIM Uno, since all the other 6502 kits are either too much for me to put together, or super expensive. It comes in tomorrow, so I'm really excited for it!!