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The last 2-3 days has been interesting. I lost my ssh key to get into, and after reading how many other tilde servers had been made, including (which was usually just a case of a different server not accepting new users at the time), I decided to just make my own.

Hell on a Computer

I had no idea what to do. I still have no idea what to do (sorta). I had some Debian VM I bought a while ago just sitting there, and so I figured that would be the perfect thing to run this on. The thing is; I don't know how to use Linux. I mean, I know how to navigate it, and use it as a personal computer, but as a server is a different story. I've still been getting the hang of it, but I know enough to add users some-what comfortably, and troubleshoot some basic issues. I'm still having some issues, but overall everything's running fine. Everyone can make basic web pages and play games, which is all I want it to do. Right now we only have NetHack and robotfindskitten, but I plan on adding DCSS soon. I also added nb so people can keep notes on the server, which I added mostly so I can keep track of everything I have to do for the server. I wanna add TTBP, so I'll probably fork that at some point. Overall though, it's pretty cool that it even works. I definitely plan on working on this long-term. You can visit the site at

Other junk

I really really really like Noah's Box. That is honestly a passion project that I will for sure continue. Some other stuff I'm doing is my new band, and I've recently taken up a new note-taking system. I'm using a program called nb (which I talked about earlier) to keep track of a personal journal written in Org Mode and misc. TODOs. Overall, it works really nice, and is very fast!!

The Void Above obviously moved to an RPG format, but I still really wanna make a Visual Novel, so I'll probably write something soon.

That's all. Thank u for reading <3